Janice Robertson Photographer

Janice Robertson is a photographer specializing in humanitarian / NGO photography. As a Registered Nurse, she has a deep passion for helping others and has lived and worked overseas to fulfill that desire. As a photographer, Janice is deeply committed to promoting the dignity and worthiness of every human being with a special emphasis on using her photos to tell the story of the plight of others. Every personal on earth has a story to share with the rest of the world and photographic images have the power to communicate stories like few other mediums can.

As both a photographer and a Nurse, her desire is to be a change agent and an advocate by harnessing the power of compassionate visual story telling that celebrates the dignity of all. Please browse the Galleries and feel free to contact her if you have any questions regarding her work or services.

Janice grew up in Chatham, Ontario, Canada but has traveled throughout the world and primarily, in South America where she also lived for several years. These cross-cultural experiences have provided greater insight into her perspective as a Photographer because it's all about how you see things, both in life and also through the lens. She is a proud Canadian, but also a world-citizen who cares very much for the plight of her "neighbors" in far away places. She feels that this provides inspiration for her photography and also her life in general. Photography is essentially a therapy and has healing properties. Photos can be a source of beauty which enriches the heart, soul and mind.

In a desire to bring healing and hope into the world, Janice feels that photography is a powerful source of health-giving inspiration with a unique energy that feeds the body as well as the mind and can literally restore health via the power of images, colour and beauty. Images are a powerful health and healing tool.

Janice looks forward to sharing more of her work with you and hopes that you'll spread the word to friends and family to come and view her work. Enjoy!